Lesson Six

In the late 1990s Southpeak Entertainment showed me a licensed game design involving the cartoon The Jetsons.

The Jetsons game was a standard space racing game using the characters as drivers. My response was “What a waste of a great license and a real disappointment for Jetsons’ fans.”

I suggested a Jetsons space road rally game where each player as either George Jetson, his wife Jane, his daughter Judy, his son Elroy, the dog Astro, or Rosie the robot housekeeper would navigate their space car throughout the Jetsons’ world, looking for clues leading to various objects to collect.

Licenses attract an audience who know the property, its characters, venues, storylines, and interactions. Licenses are valuable assets that need to be exploited as an advantage in your game.

Lesson: Use to your advantage your license and its fans.

Game Design Foundations
Game Design Foundations (Wordware Game and Graphics Library)
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