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Reel Deal Poker Challenge

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Poker has never been so much fun on the PC. In Reel Deal Poker Challenge, you will be able to actually sit across the table from your opponents. For the first time in gaming history, you have the chance to watch for bluffs, watch highly animated character reactions to how you play, and be able to better your skill and reputation as a poker player.

When you create a new player in Reel Deal Poker Challenge, you will have no reputation and very little cash. As you play intense tournaments, you have the chance to earn prize money and increase your reputation. As your reputation increases, you will be invited to more prestigious poker games in the Poker Palace.

As you advance to other floors in the palace, watch your characters advance in skill and poker ability. As the stakes increase, you can win incredible virtual prizes and trophies, kept in your own customizable prize vault.

Do you have what it takes to make it to the top? Can you hang with the intense tournament games? Can you win the grandest of prizes? Only your own skill and intuition can decide.

Slots are also available in Reel Deal Poker Challenge. Order from

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