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The Hollywood Edge, a division of Livewire Studios Soundelux is one of the largest publishers and distributors of high-quality sound effects, production music, and specialty audio hardware. With over 70 multiple-disc collections, which include hard-to-find sound effects and special field recordings, The Hollywood Edge productions are the most usable effects library available. Oliver Stone, Martin Scorsese, and John Hughes are among the filmmakers who highly recommend the vast collection produced and compiled by the award-winning sound designers and editors from Soundelux.

3DSFX Series

The 3DSFX Series ($295) is a six-CD set.

CD 1:

Contains modern train sound effects (foreign and domestic), including train station ambiences, clean and unique.

CD 2:

Vintage train effects—steam engine trains, diesel trains, idles, and couplings

CD 3:

Nautical vessels like submarines, sailing ships, rowboats, hovercrafts, fans, horns, engine rooms, and more

CD 4:

Nautical atmospheres like water laps and waves of every known variety

CD 5:

Rivers and waterfalls natural water sound

CD 6:

English and foreign crowds from boxing and barbecue crowds to Afghan and German crowds

Signature Series: Alan Howarth

Signature Series: Alan Howarth ($395) is a five-CD set.

CD 1:

Sound effects like aircraft, aerospace sounds, metallic devices, and trains

CD 2:

Sound effects for building earthquake, fire, ice, and wind tracks

CD 3:

Sound effects of automobile racing and crowd effects from Israel

CD 4:

Sound effects like the horror and medieval genre, with the addition of a unique collection of horse effects


Nature sound effects from Israel and an excellent variety of water and underwater sounds

American Zeotrope

American Zeotrope ($495) is on seven CDs that contain hundreds of original vehicle and moving machine sounds, including Mustangs, Buicks, Lincolns, Pontiacs, Impalas, Corvairs, Falcons, and the limited-production Tucker car types such as limos, taxis, ambulances, emergency vehicles, hot-rods, and muscle cars. Vehicle sounds were recorded on road surfaces ranging from gravel, dirt, city streets, highway, and wet pavement at varying speeds: racing, slow driving, stalled, and steady. Isolated car sounds are included such as wipers, doors, trunks, horns, tire peel-outs and blow-outs. Other moving vehicle sounds include motorcycles, trucks, trains, tugboats, ferries, subway cars, and related ambiences.

Animal Trax

Animal Trax ($495) is on ten CDs containing over 1,200 animal sounds like lions, tigers, bears, leopard growls, hyena laughs, snake strikes, gorilla grunts, baboon screams, and whale and dolphin calls. There are also sounds from birds, snakes (rattlesnakes, vipers, python, boa, cobra), lizards, alligators, a toad, a frog, cats, dogs, a goat, a horse, a pig, a sheep, primates (monkeys, gorilla, chimpanzee, baboon), an elk, cattle, bobcats, a lynx, boars, ocelots, pumas, wild cats, pandas, raccoons, camels, coyotes, wolves, bats, a hippopotamus, rhinos, sea lions, and a walrus.

The Animation Collection

The Animation Collection ($395) is on five CDs containing 1,600 completely individualized sound effects including whistles (sport, train), whoopee, squeaks (a gate, glass, rubber, wheels), swishes, twangs, warbles, horns, telephone ring, bells, squishes, bubbles, raspberries, Jew’s harp, rubberband, baby (coos, laughs), moans, hiccups, snoring, chewing, kisses, fighting grunts, door (open, knocks, slam, and closes), footsteps, grinds, sawing, rips (cloth, paper), anvil hit, wood drop, match lights, can hit, dish and glass breaks, metal hit, trash can band and rattles, alarm, explosions, sword play, Sci-Fi, animal sounds (cat, dog, horse, chicken, rooster, chimp, cow, donkey, pig, elephant, duck, and seal) and music instruments (violin, trumpet, French horn, drum, cymbal, and electric guitar).

Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now ($395) is on five CDs containing sound effects like aircrafts, including Hueys, Loaches, and Phantoms. Vehicles: tanks, APCS, Amtracs, PBR. Weaponry; M-16, M-60s, Russian SKS, Howitzers, mortars, napalm. Troop activity, backgrounds, walla, and foley.

Background Trax

Background Trax ($295) is on five CDs containing ambience sounds from areas such as a computer room, a department store, a hallway, a police station, a restaurant, a school, a super market, Africa, a jungle, the wind, an airport, from exteriors of cars, trains, trucks, on an elevator, at night, in traffic, listening to the rain, a flowing river, a busy sink, waterfalls, and waves.

Burtis Bill’s Sounds of the American West

Burtis Bill’s Sounds of the American West ($249) is a three-CD set.

Disc 1:

Capture the feeling of sleeping out on the open range with the sounds of a campfire being built after a hard day’s work. Climb on your horse, take a ride in a stagecoach, pan for gold in the great California rush, and hear the echo of the bugle call as you arrive in the Old West.

Disc 2:

Experience the transition from frontier to factory with machinery from the Industrial Revolution. Hear the rumblings of a diesel drill and wheat grinder, the gears of hand-operated factory machinery, and factory backgrounds dating back to the turn of the century.

Disc 3:

Pull into the station with the sounds of a stream train, whistles, and blowdowns, bys and steadies, onboard ambiences, and unparalleled air and steam releases. Also included are the sounds of a Model T, from start up to drive away, with interior steady and multiple bys. Disc two also contains weapons, from quickdraws and pistol shots to revolver cocks and chamber spins—everything you need to sweeten an Old West shootout.

Disc 4:

Hear the sounds of what are now ghost towns, with music, dancing, saloon doors, cork pops, spittoon “impacts,” and card game trouble. Make your own bar brawl, buy some staples at the old general store, lock up your favorite outlaw, or hear a sweet tune on your own Victrola. Create a picture in your mind with the sounds of an entire western town.

Busted Effects and Most Wanted

Busted Effects and Most Wanted ($249) is on three CDs containing sound effects such as mangled cars trying to start, a 747 taking off ten feet away from you, broken exhaust fans, large animal traps, earthquake rattles, elephant gunshots, dead batteries, aircraft, alarms, animals, high school cheerleaders, old and broken clocks, computers, slamming doors, electrical explosions and zaps, broken machines and miscellaneous noises, train horns and engines, busted vehicles, and much more.

Chase Scene Elements

Chase Scene Elements ($395) is on five CDs containing sound effects like cars crashing, tires skidding and peeling, an automobile leaving the pavement and bounding back down, and sometimes a cliff drop, roll, and fiery crash below, real impacts, crashes, and cliff and water drops staged exclusively for this set. Cars were dropped from over 100 feet and crashed onto different surfaces. Others were rolled off of 250 cliffs, and special ramps were constructed for jumps and crash maneuvers, crashes (stationary and moving impacts), skids, peels, 180 degree spin-outs, surface changes (paved road and off-road), cliff drops, water drops, cornering, other high-speed maneuvers including driving at various speeds, hard ins, and jumps/hills/bumps. The types of vehicles featured include a compact automobile, full size automobile, sports utility vehicle/truck, and a sports car.

Cartoon Trax

The Cartoon Trax ($395) is on five CDs with an optional (which can be purchased separately for under $500) fully cross-referenced and indexed guidebook for sound effects, like bees swarming, flies buzzing, bird caws, animal sounds (bat, chicken, ducks, pigs, lamb, wolf, elephant, goat, horse, donkey, dog, cat, frog, gopher, and squirrel), cow bells, fire bells, alarm clocks, gong, Jew’s harp (boing), bubbles, twang, crashes and impacts, explosions, water sounds, musical instruments (timpani drum, cymbal, trumpet, sax, trombone, oboe, xylophone, guitar, accordion, and cello), footsteps, nose blowing and sneezing, car horn, laughing, crying, kisses, raspberries, grunts, knocking, pan hits, and motor sounds.


CitiTrax ($495) is on ten CDs containing hundreds of hours of full spectral stereo recordings made on location, on DAT, that were pared down to the finest ten hours of environment ever made. From the first disk, the sound of the city jumps into your face with busy sidewalks. Two tracks later there is a different version with the added dimension of footsteps. You can almost tell the pedestrian is wearing a pair of Bass loafers from the clicking heels as he moves into perspective and then passes by on a track that’s almost three minutes long. The traffic roars by as horns honk. The sound of jackhammers and a passing police car add to the full stereo spectrum, completing the aural illusion. The camera passes into the doorway of a department store and the sound crossfades from urban noise to a shopping mall interior.

Dynamic Range

Dynamic Range ($395) is on two CDs containing over 1,000 gun and ammo sounds like gun blasts, ricochets, whistling bullets, hits on multiple surfaces, silencers, interior and exterior shots, handling sounds, and more. It features 30 different weapons, including pistols, shotguns, rifles, automatic fire, machine guns—the works.

The Edge Edition

The Edge Edition ($295) is on four CDs containing over 800 newly created sound effects, like motorcycles, cars, trucks, 747 jets, airports, amusement park rides, impacts, office sounds, slamming doors, buzzers, telephones, clocks, 16mm video camera, crashes, toilets, alarms, animal sounds (birds, horses, wolf, cat, dog, pig, monkey, dolphin, elephant, bee swarm), large crowds, avalanche, wind, rain, river, bubbles, party sounds, baseball, golf, explosions, telephone, cash register, sound of material such as metal, wood, and glass, dentist drill, footsteps, door sounds (open, close, and slam) and human sounds such as laughing, crying, screaming, heart beating, whispering, farting, and belches.

Eerie Edition 1

The Eerie Edition 1 ($295) is on three CDs containing spooky sounds like human moans, heavy breathing, laughing, crying, chanting, pig squeals, animal growls, scratching sounds, heartbeats, footsteps, wind, dry ice, metal gates and chains, and wood creaking.

European Edition

Pinewood Studios, London, has always been regarded as the MGM of Europe. European Edition ($595) is a 20-CD set.

Sound effects of rare European vehicles are available, spanning from the turn of the century to the present day, from a horse-drawn carriage on a cobblestone street to supersonic jets. The Hollywood Edge European Edition contains unique British and European atmospheres and wallas—
hotels, restaurants, airports, city streets, and even the sounds of the countryside, British-style telephones, door buzzers, sirens, horns, European racing cars and motorcycles, and sound effects like the jungle, the forest, kitchen appliances, construction site sounds, computer room sounds, International market sounds, International airport sounds, wind, dry ice, and footsteps.

Explosions for the 21st Century

Explosions for the 21st Century ($195) is on two CDs containing sound effects like bombs (150 pounds of explosives), a car blown up, concrete structures blown up, an explosion with debris made of glass, metal, rock, and wood, as well as water splashes. The Hollywood Edge is pleased to present Patricio Libenson’s signature explosion sound effects series, recorded on an MTR-90 II Otari 24/16 track recorder using a 4TDFä multi-microphone arrangement and Class A mic pre-amps to obtain the best possible sound.

File Effects

File Effects ($495) is on ten CDs containing over 250 sounds, most of which are in the three-minute duration range. Ambience sound effects range from modern computer offices and train stations to footsteps and squeaky wooden floors, Hong Kong harbor hooters, traffic, moaning wind, and as you would expect, wonderful interior ambiences. The collection categories include Skylines, Interiors and Exteriors, the Elements, Travel, Transportation, and Industry. An airplane flying over at the wrong time, or a car passing by when you’ve captured the perfect quiet spot for recording bird calls can create a totally unusable end.

Foley Sound Effect Library

Foley Sound Effect Library ($395) is on five CDs containing over 1,600 Foley sound effects like whizzes, swooshes, clunks, squishes, crashes, clashes, bumps, binks, sizzles, creaks, rattles, clinks, cracks, and impacts. Foley recordists at Soundelux Studios in Hollywood have captured each glass smash, metal wronk, meaty punch, wood crash, and sword clash. The CD set will feature the Foley sounds of blunt and edged weapons, fight kicks and punches, metal, glass, and wood impacts, casino effects, paper movement, and much more.

Disc 1:

Hear the bangs and clangs of metal impacts in the Foley series. From big ronks to small impacts, experience the eerie metal scrapes and strains, drops and warbles, and ricochets and groans of metallic foley.

Disc 2:

Listen for the thumps and splinters of wood along with the crashes and shatters of glass in this wood and glass impact disc. From wood falls, splits and bat hits, to glass smashing, window breaking, and bulb shattering, this Foley disc will allow you to sweeten everything from bar fights to huge explosions.

Disc 3:

Experience the sounds of a medieval battle in the third of this five CD set. From knife draws, sword clanks, wooshes, shield impacts, and axe clashes to arrow whistles and flame sizzles, shape your conflict with this extensive battle collection.

Disc 4:

Fight to the finish with the fourth disc in the Foley collection. Find the meatiest punch, the best body blow, the heaviest kick, and the most gruesome cracks, crunches, stabs, breaks, and falls to sweeten any conflict, from big brawl to minor scuffle.

Disc 5:

Round out your Foley effects collection with a catch-all disc direct from the Soundelux stages. From card games and coin jingles, soft kisses and hard hugs, soda fizzles and beer gulps, flag flaps and animal traps to leaves rustling, chains clanking, jewelry jingling, and hand shaking, this potpourri of sounds will surely round out your personal Foley library.

Foley Footsteps (Sonic Boom)

Sonic Science Foley Footsteps ($75) is on one CD containing over 700 sound effects of male and female footsteps recorded on a range of surfaces at a variety of walking speeds. Some surfaces include cement, wood, grass, gravel, metal, and snow. There are sounds of individual steps, paced steps, shuffles, running, jumping, and climbing stairs.

Futurity’s Metropolis

Futurity’s Metropolis ($99.95) is on one CD and contains various sci-fi sound effects.

Hi-Tech and Top Secrets Effects

Hi-Tech and Top Secrets Effects ($395) is on five CDs containing entirely new sounding machines, rumbles, room tones, and start-ups recorded from classified and restricted experiments. Other sound effects include telemetry, human voices, short wave radio tuning and static, air release and blasts, electric zaps, tool sounds, mechanism, alarms, computer sounds, medical office equipment sounds, propeller, and heart simulator sounds.

Historical Series

The Historical Series ($349) is on six CDs that include many of the sounds that helped Soundelux (our parent company) win the Academy Award for sound on the film Braveheart, directed by and starring Mel Gibson. Many of these sounds are directly from Braveheart.

Disc 1:

War: Horses, Armies, and Weapons. This CD includes Infantry, Cavalry, Armies, and Horses that include up to 150 walking and charging.

Disc 2:

Churches, Bells, and Clocks. This disc includes clocks from the 17th century up to the 19th century and bells that include everything from Monastery to Cathedral.

Disc 3:

Horses, Carriages, and Traps. This CD includes horse-drawn carriages on different surfaces, including onboard, and different types of horse movements like shaking bridle, etc. Also included are different types of early doors.

Disc 4:

Castles, Palaces, and Monasteries. This disc includes many different types of doors and windows, wooden main gates, bolts and knockers, confessional box open and close, wooden vestry doors, and more.

Disc 5:

Traffic-Free Backgrounds, including cities, towns, villages, farmyards, courtyards, and more.

Disc 6:

European Myths and Legends. Included on this CD are dragons, potion explosive puffs, sea serpents, witches’ caves, trap door levers, beheading with swords, and more.

HPX Digital

HPX Digital ($795) is on ten CDs containing sound effects like ocean, seagulls, crickets, wind, rain, thunder, hurricane, large crowds cheering at basketball and football games, busy intersection and highway, airplanes, steamship, sci-fi, fishing, kitchen, bathroom, horror, train, building equipment and tools, shipping, office, war vehicles such as planes and tanks, and weapons.

Laughs, Cheers, and Applause

Laughs, Cheers, and Applause ($199) is on two CDs featuring reactions of crowds from 15 to 50,000 people (actual variations include crowds of 15, 20, 50, 100, 20,000, 30,000, and 50,000 people). The professionals at The Hollywood Edge have gone to live performances, set up the mics in various parts of the audience, and have digitally recorded extensive LIVE vocal and crowd reactions. The spectral stereo separation places you in the very center of the crowds. The effects are all real, not an assembled gathering of actors in a set-up environment.

Lon Bender’s Wacky World Of Widgets

Lon Bender’s Wacky World Of Widgets ($195.99) is on one CD containing some of the best and most bizarre effects in the realm of robots and gizmos, presented as both individual effects and elaborate designs of multilayer effects. Lon Bender, the award-winning designer of the set, has personally gone through hundreds of sounds and picked over 450 of the best gadgets to be included.

Martial Arts and Human Impacts

Martial Arts and Human Impacts ($60) is on one CD, the most realistic karate kicks, punches, blocks, and body blows available to the public. Recorded in part on the sight of Ken Nagayama’s School of Martial Arts, this collection contains some of the most realistic bone-breaking punches, quick kicks, body slams, board breaks, weapon impacts, mid-air flips, and blood curdling yells ever recorded.

Metropolis II

Metropolis II ($129) is a single dynamic sound effects CD full of fresh and original production elements, it features 99 tracks of audio wizardry ranging from the electronic whoosh to the giant cavern ambiance and everything in between.

T.H.E. Music Library

T.H.E. Music Library ($4497.95) is a 45-CD set that comes delivered in commercial length, containing over 550 themes :60, :30, :10, as well as extended lengths, alternative/lighter mixes, and is feature film quality music.

Paradise (Sonic Boom)

Paradise ($395) is a five CD library that brings the sounds of nature together. From the lost jungles of Montserrat to the thundering waterfalls of Trinidad, Paradise transports the magic of distant lands home. Primarily recorded on the island of Montserrat only weeks before the devastating volcanic eruption, this collection captures for eternity the beauty and mystique of this tiny oasis in the South Caribbean. Listen to the language of island commerce in the markets, a church choir, birds in the rainforest, volcanic vents, the sizzling sounds of the surf, the clicking of coral, SCUBA, waterfalls, thunder and rain, and the unique sound of bamboo stalks creaking in the wind. It includes 105 full-length ambience tracks. CD titles include Cultural, Rainforest, Residential, Waves, and Waterfalls.

Peter Sullivan Signature Series

Peter Michael Sullivan has traveled around the world to bring into your studio the absolute finest environmental textures and effects. His Signature Series ($150) two-CD set was recorded entirely on location and edited over several years, there is no other library like it! Sound effects include thunder, rain, and wind. The Asian Jungle Dawn spans well over two minutes and captures both the ambient beauty and terror that accompanies the squawk of tropical birds.

The Premiere Edition (Volumes 1 to 20)

The Premiere Edition (Volumes 1 to 20) ($895) is on 20 CDs containing the best sound effects. Some of the sound effects run a full four minutes with these variations of rainstorms and ambient nature sounds.

The Premiere Edition 2 (Volumes 21 to 30)

The Premiere Edition 2 (Volumes 21 to 30) ($495) is on ten CDs containing never-before heard, completely original sound effects from the Hollywood Edge.

The Premiere Edition 3 (Volumes 31 to 40)

Premiere Edition 3 (Volumes 31 to 40) ($495) is on ten CDs meeting and surpassing the expectations for high quality sound effects.

The Premiere Edition 4 (Volumes 41 to 50)

Premiere Edition 4 (Volumes 41 to 50) ($595) is on ten CDs featuring the latest addition to its signature sound effects collection with more than ten hours of audio and 1,200 effects. The set contains many hard-to-find effects such as great room tones, cloth movement, new computers, hi-tech sounds, real and Foley rain, and wood and metal scrapes of every kind. There are effects from Academy Award-winning sound designers and field recordings from the new Los Angeles subway, downtown Los Angeles, and the Los Angeles International Airport.

Sound Designer’s Toolkit

Sound Designer’s Toolkit ($495) is a five-disc set of production elements and includes three discs of various stingers, rumbles, booms, whooshes, and hits, plus two additional discs of musical effects, hits, accents, and music beds.

Sounds of a Different Realm

Sounds of a Different Realm ($295) is on three CDs where the first two CDs, “Unusual Presences,” contain a unique collection of ethereal presences, deep bass textures, ambient hums, swirling winds, steamy atmospheres, whirling tones, gaseous presences, industrial pulsing, and much, much more. The third CD, “Common Sounds Heard in Uncommon Ways,” is a curious world of sound lurking beneath the surface of household items.

Sounds Of Speed

Sounds Of Speed ($695) is a 20-CD set that is far and away the most comprehensive collection of racing sound effects ever put together with constants from the driver’s perspective using microphones mounted on actual boats, bikes, and cars, as well as NASCAR, CART Indy, Indy Lights, Toyota Atlantic Racing, Formula 1, FIA GT Cars, World Sports GT Cars, Off-Road, Motorcycle Road Course, Motocross, Vintage Race Cars, Dragsters, Monster Trucks, Go Karts, Demolition Derby, Off-Shore Power Boat, Inboard and Outboard Boat Racing, Unlimited and Limited Hydroplane Racing, Victory Ceremonies, Pit, Paddock, Garage, Crowd, and General Racing Ambiences.

Sports With Balls

Sports With Balls ($495) is a three-CD set designed by Hollywood’s top sound designers and editors and produced by Lon Bender, Wylie Stateman, and Tod A. Maitland. This huge, hard-hitting, “in your face” sound collection of sports effects and surround crowds contains every sports effect imaginable from baseball, football, basketball, ice hockey, and more. The sounds of heavy body hits, line crunches, baseball bat cracks, and football flying spirals are all a part of this “game-day” collection. The Hollywood Edge has assembled the first complete surround crowds library, including huge arena crowd reactions.

Star Trax

Star Trax consists of sound effects like trains, helicopters, ships, airports, street, pedestrian, country road, motorcycles (Suzuki GS 1100 G and Honda CX 500), diesel car, a Trabant 601 (an East German car), restaurant, escalator, German chatting, theater, hall, disco club, fish market, Oktoberfest, German amusement park, road work, steel and wood doors, steel gate, police car, and telephone rings.

Super Single I and II

The Super Single I ($60) and II ($60) provide a wide variety of effects for a producer on a tight budget. The very same exacting precision of the Premiere Edition is undertaken for the Super Single. The Hollywood Edge has taken to heart the most requested sound effects and created an all new Super Single series. There are military sounds, all kinds of crashes, car doors, horns from cars and trains, cartoons, animals, and loads of footsteps.

The Works

The Works ($495) is on ten CDs containing 2,870 sound effects which include the sounds of motion, action, and force like appliances, buttons, switches, levers, ratchets, gears, pneumatics, friction, stress, servo-motors, tiny mechanisms, compartments, doors, tape machines, engines, and so much more. It also features work environments such as manufacturing plants, industrial machines, conveyors, shipping, packaging, and construction work (interior and exterior).

Worldwide Sports Edition

Worldwide Sports Edition ($495) is on ten CDs containing a huge collection of sporting sounds from around the world, from the crack of a homerun bat to the punch of a heavyweight boxer. Other sports sounds range from Football, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, Boxing, Golf, Diving, Swimming, Tennis, Ping-Pong, Billiards, Track and Field, Martial Arts, Roller Blading, Ice Skating, Gymnastics, Biking, and Racquetball, including crowd noises.

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