Improving JIT Debugging

Chapter 3 investigated how you can use JIT debugging to intercept a program crash and launch a debugger automatically. When a crash occurs, the CLR presents you with a list of debuggers and asks you to choose one. If your favorite debugger isn't on the list, there's an undocumented and unsupported way to add it to that list. For example, if you sometimes like to use WinDbg, the following command line registers WinDbg for JIT debugging:

 vs7jit.exe /RegisterOld "c:\Windbg\windbg.exe" "WinDbg" 

To unregister WinDbg for JIT debugging, you can use the following command line:

 vs7jit.exe /UnregisterOld "c:\Windbg\windbg.exe" 

As I've already stated, this switch is undocumented so I don't know for how long it will continue working.

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