Key tips

  • Remember, slippage occurs one day at a time. Keep on top of progress. You do not suddenly become two weeks late, you become two weeks late one day at a time.

  • To understand your progress, you should look at your absolute position relative to the plan, and the trend in progress.

  • Contingency should not be used up faster than a project is progressing.

  • After identification, risks and issues should have actions allocated to a project team member to resolve them. This action should be managed like any other task on a project with a target date for completion.

  • Do not let change happen to a project in an uncontrolled manner.

  • Project management is about taking action to overcome anything that gets in the way of meeting your objectives.

  • Good project managers ensure their customers know how the project is progressing on a regular basis.

  • The likelihood of success in projects will be increased not only by following the correct process, and understanding what a project manager needs to do, but by applying this knowledge in the most constructive way. Be hands-on, communicate regularly, and manage your customer's expectations.

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Project Management Step by Step. The Proven, Practical Guide to Running a Successful Project, Every Time
Project Management Step by Step: The Proven, Practical Guide to Running a Successful Project, Every Time
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