• Copies of the report, risk, issue and change forms in MS-Word and MS Excel format can be downloaded from the web site at

  • As this subject is core to project management, almost any book on the subject will cover this, although some are better than others. Some books of several hundred pages simple cover one topic, such as risk management, but this level of expertise is really only required in very specialised situations. Some optional references to try are:

    The Project Workout (Financial Times Prentice Hall) by Robert Buttrick, 2nd edn, 1999 Chapters 21 25.

    The Project Manager: Mastering the Art of Delivery (Financial Times Prentice Hall) by Richard Newton, 2005, Chapters 5, 7 and 10.

    The Definitive Guide to Project Management (Financial Times Prentice Hall) by S. Nokes et al., 2003, Chapters 4 7.

    Practical Project Management: Tips, Tactics and Tools (Wiley) by Harvey A. Levine, 2002, Chapters 4 8.

To Do Now

  • Get ready to start your project. Are you comfortable to run a mobilisation session for the project team? It's worth planning this out fully. Do it well and you will have a motivated and energised project team; do it badly and confidence in your skills as the project manager may be dented.

  • Get your project administration clear. Make sure you have all the paperwork and forms you need, know how to use them, and are clear about who on the project team has access to them. Will you send forms out by e-mail, make them available on a web site, or use hard copy paper versions only?

  • Plan out your personal schedule and how you will manage actions, issues, risks, changes and progress.

  • Make sure the project team members have the meetings you want them to attend in their diaries.

  • Make sure your customer is available regularly to discuss issues and progress. Forward book an hour a week in their diary. Even if you don't know precisely what you will use it for, you will find you have plenty to discuss every week.

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