Next Steps After Reading

You will gain some valuable insights and techniques by reading and studying the examples in this book. On the other hand, you will become an expert in Web Services only if you spend considerable time working with them.

After reading this book, I encourage you to read as many of the Web Service “ related specifications as you can. Each specification has its own motivation and patterns. In addition, if you find the implementation code I provide useful and well documented, I encourage you to extend the code with your own experiments and pattern implementations . Further, I would love to see any extensions to the code I provide. One of the reasons for not including the implementation with the book is that I will be able to keep the code base live and updated with new versions of the technology infrastructure on which the code is based.


SourceForge contains the active open -source project for adding additional Web Service patterns and enterprise application patterns to the P.T. Monday Coffee Company application ( If you do not want to participate in the SourceForge project, you can contact me at

Web Service Patterns
Web Services Patterns: Java Edition
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