1 TDMA: Time Division Multiple Access; CDMA: Code Division Multiple Access; GSM: Global System for Mobile Communications.

2 HSCSD: High-Speed Circuit-Switched Data; GPRS: General Packet Radio Service; EDGE: Enhanced Data for GSM Evolution.

3 W-CDMA: Wideband CDMA; UMTS: Universal Mobile Telecommunication System.

4 D-AMPS: Digital AMPS; CDPD: Cellular Digital Packet Data; PDC: Personal Digital Cellular.

5 1. Communication; 2. Information; 3. Entertainment; 4. Commerce.

6 N/A = Not Available.

7 LBS = Location-Based Service.

8 Available technology is in bold, while future technology is shown in normal font. (Note: 2.5G is available but is not yet widely used.)

9 Source: allNetDevices, http://www.canvasdreams.com/viewarticle.cfmarticleid=941; except A = ARC Group, 1999, http://www.epsltd.com/IndustryInfo/Statistics/mobilestats.htm, and B = Datamonitor, 2000, http://cyberatlas.internet.com/markets/wireless/article/0,,10094_455141,00.html.

Wireless Communications and Mobile Commerce
Wireless Communications and Mobile Commerce
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Year: 2004
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