In this chapter, you learned how to use several of the advanced methods and properties of ASP.NET controls. First, you learned how to take advantage of view state in your ASP.NET pages and disable view state for a single control or a whole page. You also learned how to save the values of your own variables in view state.

Next, you learned how to hide and disable individual controls in a page by using the Visible and Enabled properties. You also learned how to use the Panel control to hide and display a group of controls at a time.

You also delved deeper into the structure of an ASP.NET page. You learned how to add and remove controls from a page through code. You also examined methods of adding and removing items from list controls such as PlaceHolder , DropDownList , and ListBox .

Finally, you examined three of the more advanced controls included in the .NET framework. You learned how to build interactive calendars by using the Calendar control, randomly display banner advertisements by using the AdRotator control, and accept files uploaded by using the HtmlFileInput control.

ASP.NET Unleashed
ASP.NET 4 Unleashed
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