Chapter 21. Encrypting Data over the Network


  • Using the Secure Sockets Layer

  • Configuring Your Server to Use SSL

  • Using SSL in ASP.NET Pages

  • Using .NET Encryption Classes

If you need to send or receive sensitive information at your Web site ”such as credit card numbers , business plans, or legal documents ”you need to encrypt the information. In this chapter, you examine methods for encrypting data before it is sent across an unsecure network such as the Internet.

First, you learn how to configure the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for your Web site. I discuss how you can use SSL to create a secure channel of communication and cover some techniques for using SSL in your ASP.NET pages.

Next, I discuss the classes in the .NET framework that provide cryptographic services. You learn how to use hash algorithms and work with both symmetric and asymmetric (public key) cryptographic algorithms.

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