Multitenant applications, as depicted in Figure B-6, allow building owners to deploy low-cost services such as VoIP, cable television, and IP data services to tenants in a common campus or building.

Figure B-6. Multitenant Applications

Candidates for multitenant applications include the following:

  • Multidwelling units (MDUs) MDUs consist of high-rise and garden-style apartments, townhouses, and condominiums. Apartment renters and owners are now demanding high-speed Internet connections to home offices. Owners or MDU associations can attract new buyers or renters when they build an advanced cable IP infrastructure offering secure, high-speed Internet access, cable television service, and VoIP access services.

  • Multitenant units (MTUs) MTUs are commercial properties that house a number of small or medium-sized offices. These users can leverage the existence of a cable IP infrastructure to:

    Use a high-speed cable broadband medium for improved internal communications, which includes LAN services

    Develop businesses, attract new opportunities, and increase revenue streams through infrastructure advancements and services that support IP data and VoIP

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