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Picasa can also import pictures from a variety of sources, such as a CD or DVD, digital camera or memory card reader, webcam, scanner, or a folder.

If this dialog box doesn't appear or you want to copy images from a folder, webcam, or scanner, click Picasa's Import button, choose File > Import From, or press .

If you responded to a Windows dialog box in Step 1, Picasa automatically scans the device to display its image thumbnails. Otherwise, click the Select Device button and choose the appropriate device from the drop-down menu.

By default, Picasa excludes images that it knows are already on your hard disk, marking each one in the Input Tray with a red X Review the images by clicking the rightand left-arrow buttons beneath the current image. To change the displayed image's exclusion status, click the Exclude button.

To import the images, click the Finish button. The Finish Importing dialog box appears.

The folder is created and added to the Folder List. All imagesexcept those that you or Picasa excludedappear in the folder.

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