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When you save new pictures to your hard disk, Picasa automatically adds them to its Library if the files are stored in a watched folder (see "Use the Folder Manager," earlier in this chapter). If you create a new folder on disk, you may have to visit the Folder Manager (Tools > Folder Manager) and select the new folder before Picasa notices and displays iteven if you place the new folder within another watched folder. If Picasa seems to be ignoring a new folder or files, you can add them to the Library as follows:

To add a folder (whether it's new or one that you previously removed from Picasa), choose File > Add Folder to Picasa. The Folder Manager appears.

Select the folder in the Folder Manager's Folder List, click the Watch for Changes radio button, and then click OK. The new folder will be scanned and added to the Picture Library's Folder List.

Set the new folder to Watch for Changes.

To add a new file to Picasa, choose File > Add File to Picasa or press . An Open dialog box appears.

Using the Open dialog box's controls, navigate to the folder that contains the file you want to add to Picasa and click its file-name. (If the dialog box doesn't immediately disappear, click the Open button.)

The file is recorded in Picasa. If its folder isn't already in the Folder List, the folder is added, too.

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