More Powerful Debugging

xslt for dummies
Chapter 17 - Debugging XSLT Transformations
XSLT For Dummies
by Richard Wagner
Hungry Minds 2002

If you are having a particular problem in which nothing else you have tried works, then you may want to consider getting a full-scale XSLT debugger. You can find debuggers with:

  • Full visual step-through capabilities to allow you to see and perform a transformation one step at a time.

  • Breakpoint support to stop the transformation at a specific point so you can check its status.

  • Parameter and variable watches to find out their current value during the processing of a document.

Two of particular note are commercial software tools, though they have trial versions that you can download:

  • MarrowSoft Xselerator:

  • eXcelon Stylus: excelon_stylus.html

For more tool information, one good Web site to check out is .

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