create the Savings table

Drag the Last Modified label and field onto the left side of the Footer. Set the font to Arial, 12 pt., white and remove the boldface. Add a colon to the end of the label, changing it to Last Modified:.

Select only the Last Modified field, set its fill pattern to transparent, set its fill effect to None, and remove the borders. Using the Format > Date command, select Format as: 12/25/03, / separator, and Zero as the leading character for both day and month numbers.

Use the Size palette to set the positions of the Last Modified field and label to match their positions on the Main layout. When switching between layouts to check the field and label positions, you'll be asked to save changes. Click the Save button.

Drag the Account label into the left edge of the Header. Set the font color to white. Use the Text Tool to add a colon (:) to the end of the label.

Format the Account field as Arial, 12 pt., bold, white. Set the fill pattern to transparent and the effect to None. Remove the field borders. Change the field's width to 1.847". Drag it into position beside its label in the Header.

Use Format > Number to apply a currency format to the Deposit and Withdrawal fields. Use Format > Date to apply our standard Date format to Transaction Date.

Save the layout changes by choosing Layouts > Save Layout.

Creating a Database in FileMaker Pro 8. Visual QuickProject Guide
Creating a Database in FileMaker Pro 8: Visual QuickProject Guide
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