create the Savings table

Like the initial data table (Main), each new table will have its own fields and layout. As stated earlier, for a table to be related to another table, it must contain a field that links the two tablesidentifying which record or records in the new table are associated with a given investment in Main. We'll begin by creating the Savings table.

With Investment Minder open, choose File > Define > Database. The Define Database dialog box appears.

The table below shows the fields you'll create for the Savings table.

Field Name








Indexed (minimal)




Transaction Date


Creation Date


Last Modified


Modification Date; Prohibit modification





Numeric only; Always validate





Numeric only; Always validate


Check Number



Numeric only


Click the Fields tab. Ensure that Savings is the current table, define the fields listed on the previous page, set the field options, and click OK.

Note that the field and label formatting reflect that of the most recently formatted fields and labels. We'll format this new layout to look like the Main layout.

Set the Header, Body, and Footer fill colors to match those on page 26. Use the Size palette to set the height of the Header to 0.444", the Body to 4.444", and the Footer to 0.444".

Select only the fields. Format them as Arial, 10 pt., black text, white fill color, Engraved effect, left aligned. Set the height of each field to 0.236". Ensure that a black border surrounds each field (as explained on page 27).

Select only the field labels. Format them as Arial, 12 pt., black text, bold. Set their height to 0.236" to match the height of the fields.

Select the first label/field pair and align them along their top edges by choosing Arrange > Align > Top Edges. Repeat for every additional label/field pair.

Creating a Database in FileMaker Pro 8. Visual QuickProject Guide
Creating a Database in FileMaker Pro 8: Visual QuickProject Guide
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