Appendix A: Network Appliance Security Testing Template

This is the template we use to bring system and structure into the chaotic world of independent network appliance security auditing. It can be used for both standalone router, switch, firewall, wireless access point, or any other specific network appliance security beta-testing. Alternatively, this template can be incorporated into a more general network penetration test scheme to ensure that all deployed networked devices are thoroughly checked on all OSI model layers . Please send any additions and comments to .


Assessing frame buffer data leakage flaws

Assessing handling of runts, giants, and other corrupted frames

Assessing device MAC filtering capability

Assessing CAM table flooding in switches

Assessing 802.1d security

Assessing 802.1q and ISL security

Assessing VTP security

Assessing PVLAN security

Assessing 802.11 flaws, 802.11i attacks included

Assessing 802.15 risks

Assessing 802.1x authentication mechanisms and flaws

Assessing security of Layer 2 tunneling protocols, such as L2F, L2TP, and PPTP

Assessing risks posed by other Layer 2 protocols, such as CDP

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