7.9. The Paperless Office

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Like most growing rocket propulsion companies, Yoyodyne is a busy place. People are rushing constantly between the main office downtown and the engineering office at the testing range to check up on the latest rocket tests, which means that nobody is ever at their desk to take a phone call. Yoyodyne used to use those little pink "While you were out" forms but people kept missing phone calls, because the little pink notes never quite managed to catch up with their intended recipients.

Yoyodyne's RT administrators set up a new queue called Messages that lets any Yoyodyne staffer take a message for any other. No matter where they are, Yoyodyne staff can now get a quick rundown of all the phone calls they haven't returned.

7.9.1. Custom Fields

Yoyodyne uses a set of custom fields to mimic the boxes on their "While you were out" forms. They're just there to give someone recording a phone call a place to record the important information. You may want to track more or different things. Yoyodyne's fields are:

Caller name

A FreeformSingle field to record the caller's name.

Caller organization

A FreeformSingle field to record the caller's organization.

Caller phone number

A FreeformSingle field to record the caller's phone number.

Best time to call back

A FreeformSingle field in case the caller left some information about when to contact them.

Contact method

This SelectMultiple custom field lets the person taking the message record simple notes about the call with just a few clicks. Yoyodyne's list of options includes: Called, Returned your call, Will call back, and Came by.

7.9.2. Templates

Folks at Yoyodyne who answer the phone need an email template to mimic the little pink paper forms that they're replacing. The template needs to display the various custom fields the administrators have set up. Yoyodyne went with a Messages template that looks like this:

     Messages:           {         $CustomFields = $Ticket->QueueObj->CustomFields(  );         while (my $CustomField = $CustomFields->Next(  )) {             my $Values = $Ticket->CustomFieldValues($CustomField->Id(  ));             $OUT .= $CustomField->Name . ": ";             while (my $Value = $Values->Next(  )) {                 $OUT .= $Value->Content . " "             }         }     }           For full details, go to:           { $RT::WebURL }Ticket/Display.html?id={ $Ticket->Id(  ) } 

7.9.3. Scrips

You only get one of those little pink notes for each missed call. Likewise, the Messages queue is set up with a single scrip, shown in Table 7-9.

Table 7-9. Messages scrip




On Create

Notify Owner


7.9.4. ACLs

Messages should be easy for anyone to enter, but they should be private, so that only their intended recipients can see the messages and resolve them. To satisfy these two goals, Yoyodyne grants both the Privileged Users and Owner built-in groups rights to the Messages queue. The Privileged Users group has the following rights:

     SeeQueue     CreateTicket     OwnTicket 

The Owner group has the following rights:

     ShowTicket     ShowTicketHistory     ShowTicketComments     ModifyTicket 

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