7.10. Personal To-Do Lists

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Everybody at Yoyodyne used to line their desks in scrawled sticky notes, covering everything from "Bring NASA memo to dev meeting" to "Get milk on the way home." The cleaners would find little yellow pieces of paper on the floor with something that looked like writing on them and stick them to the closest desk which was rarely the right desk.

As part of its continuing program to save the environment and help staff keep track of things that need to be done, Yoyodyne decided to replace a couple thousand two-inch pads of paper with RT. The Todo queue in Yoyodyne's RT instance is designed to let staff track their own notes, but it is specifically set up so that nobody can see anyone else's notes. Yoyodyne has policies prohibiting personal use of corporate resources, but the legal department has blessed this use of RT as equivalent to writing out grocery lists on corporate note pads. If you decide to follow Yoyodyne's example here, make sure that you're not encouraging your users to violate corporate policies.

The Todo queue is set up to be as similar to paper notes as possible. There are no custom fields. No email gets sent out about Todo items. Nobody but the owner of each note can see its content.

7.10.1. ACLs

To let everyone at Yoyodyne use the Todo queue, the administrators granted Privileged Users the following ACL rights:

     SeeQueue     CreateTicket     OwnTicket 

To ensure that only the owner of a Todo item can check it off (or even see that it exists), the administrators have given Owner the following ACL rights:

     CommentOnTicket     ShowTicket     ShowTicketComments     ReplyToTicket     ModifyTicket 

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