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 rt edit [options] object-ids set field=value [field=value] ...                              add field=value [field=value] ...                              del field=value [field=value] ... 

The edit action modifies the information for one or more objects. The ed action is another name for edit. It typically starts an editor enabling you to edit object data in a plain-text form. With the create action the form is mostly filled with default or blank values. Once the form is written and closed, rt modifies or creates the object, as appropriate. The $EDITOR environment variable selects which editor rt will use; it defaults to vi.

If the command line passes enough information, rt submits the form directly to the RT server without any further interaction. The -e option guarantees you get the interactive editor no matter what you pass on the command line.

The edit and create actions have several options:


Read object IDs from STDIN instead of the command line. Object IDs are not simply the id but the combination of object type and the object id:


-t type

Specifies one of the valid RT object types: ticket, user, group, queue. This option also takes the type/id form.


Read a completed form from STDIN before submitting. This enables you to provide the manipulated input from a script or prepared form. The -o option is one way to generate a prepared form.


Dump the completed form to STDOUT instead of submitting. This provides a filled out form that you can copy and/or modify before returning it to rt. The -i option is one way to enter the contents of a dumped form.


Open the form in the editor even if the command line has enough information to make a submission directly. This overrides the default behavior.

-S var=val

Submit the specified variable with the request.

There are three subactions for specifying values for each object. Each set, add, or del specification must be a distinct argument, but a subaction can have as many field=value pairs as you want.


Sets the named field to the given value.


Adds a value to a multi-valued field.


Deletes the given value from the field.

Certain object types also allow attributes to be modified or deleted. If you try to modify an immutable field, (for example, created), rt will return an appropriate message indicating the error.

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