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 rt list [options] "query string" 

The list action displays a list of objects selected by a TicketSQL query string. The query string is a required argument.

The ls and search actions are interchangable names for list. Use whatever suits your particular environment or taste.

The list action takes several options:


Return only the object type and numeric ID in the format type/id. This can be useful for feeding into a |rt edit -. . .pipe.


Return a short object description.


Return a more detailed object description.

-t type

Specifies one of the valid RT object types: ticket, user, group, queue.

-o +/- field

Orders the returned list by the specified field. + for ascending order, - for descending order.

-S var=val

Submits the specified variable with the request.

At the time of writing, list only works with ticket objects, although this may change soon to support all available RT types.

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