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 rt show [options] <object-ids> 

The show action displays one or more objects identified by a unique alphanumeric object id. When referring to an RT object, remember that tickets only have numeric IDs, while users, groups, and queues have both numeric and alphanumeric identifiers that you can use interchangeably.

The show action has several options that may be used to improve the display of the requested object, depending on the relevance of each field in the current circumstances.


Read object IDs from STDIN instead of the command line. Note that this is not simply the id but the combination of object type and the object id, or ids:



     ticket/1,12-33,42 . . . 

-t type

Specifies one of the valid RT object types: ticket, user, group, queue.

-f a,b,c

Restrict the display to the specified fields. These fields are not case-sensitive, but they need to be explicitly named in full, or RT will return empty fields in their place.

-S var=val

Submits the specified variable with the request.

Although supplying an object type is required, RT will accept the type in the type/id form with multiple IDs separated by commas:


or in the -t type id form with multiple IDs separated by whitespace:

     -t ticket 12 24 72 

To give a range of IDs, use a - (dash) to separate the minimum and maximum numeric ID values:


    -t ticket 12 24-30 72 

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