A.7. Watchers

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A watcher is someone who is interested in a ticket. Watchers are notified when something about the ticket changes. Some types of watchers are inherited from the queue in which the ticket lives, while others are attached to the ticket itself. There are several types of watchers:


The person responsible for the ticket and its resolution. Each ticket can have only one owner at any given time.


The person or people who created the ticket or have a vested interest in the outcome.


Someone who should get copies of any replies that go to the requestor. This might be the requestor's boss, sales rep, etc. This person will see the email but doesn't necessarily have the right to work on the ticket.


A Cc that also gets copies of private comments about the ticket and generally has permission to work on the ticket.

People often find the distinction between Cc and AdminCc confusing. Basically, Cc means the same thing in RT as it does in email (someone that simply receives copies of correspondence), while AdminCc is RT-specific and indicates someone who can work on the ticket. In practice, though, the difference is not too important, and permissions can be applied to either type of watcher so that it can fill almost any role.

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