A.8. History

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A ticket's history is what it sounds like: everything that has happened to a ticket. RT automatically tracks every change to a ticket, including when the ticket was created, how it has changed, and any comments about it or replies to it. Like real history, ticket history cannot be changed, so be aware that any comments you make about a ticket are permanent. This audit trail provides detailed information about not only what changed, but when it changed and who changed it. As of RT 3.4, RT also tracks every outgoing email about a ticket, so you can be sure that your boss really was notified that you submitted a vacation request.

Ticket updates can take one of two forms: replies and comments. A reply is a public remark that is sent to the requestor. A comment is a private note for staff that is not visible to the requestor. This is useful when you want to be tactful but still convey important information, like, "This requestor is an investor, so be nice" or "This user's request mentioned his 'PC' but he really has a Mac."

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