8.2 SMEUI problems

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8.2 SMEUI problems

In this section we have the PDDs for administration problems.

8.2.1 PDD003I - MSG - BBON0579E Cannot activate conversation

The message, PDD003I - MSG - BBON0579E Cannot activate conversation, is described here.

Phase - Changing configuration

This message will show as a pop up error window from SMEUI when trying to Activate a validated conversation.

Extended description

The most likely cause of this error is that another conversation has been created, committed and activated since this one was created. In the case of WebSphere Portal Server on z/OS this may happen if a portlet is deployed using job WPACONF to execute script WPConfig since the time the conversation on SMEUI was created. Your only course of action is to delete the conversation created on SMEUI and re-create it.

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Figure 8-3: SMEUI error BBON0579E

Diagnosis and solution

Remember to coordinate administration/deployment efforts. One conversation at a time.

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