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benchmarks, buying components based on
Berg (floppy drive) power connector
BIOS Setup Configuration jumper 2nd 3rd 4th
     beep codes for troubleshooting
     boot text displayed but system doesn't boot
     monitor CPU temperature
     set to Configure mode
     set to Normal mode
     Small Form Factor (SFF) PCs
     updates for budget PCs
brand names
BTX Cooler Types
budget PCs
    audio cable
         analog audio cable
         CD-ROM audio connector
         digital audio
    case, preparing
         grounding problem
         I/O template
         motherboard I/O panel
         mounting holes
         receptacle overvoltage
         standoff mounting
         templates, easily damaged
         verify the packing list
     component recommendations
    CPU cooler installation
         buying a proper CPU
         clamping bracket
         clamping lever
         fan connection
         heat spreader, polishing
         locking lever
         northbridge heatsink 2nd
         oriententation of
         retaining bracket
         thermal compound
         thermal pad
         warranty, voiding of
     drivers, install and update
    final assembly steps
         connect the supplemental case fan
         dress the cables
         final verification checklist
         optional drivers
         power shut down on first start up
         smoke test
     functional requirements
     hardware design criteria
     memory controller
     memory installation
    motherboard installation
         cables, verify each connection
         drive bays
         floppy disk drive (FDD)
         front panel switch 2nd
         front-panel USB ports, connecting
         I/O connectors
         I/O template
         indicator cables, connecting 2nd
         keying tabs/slots
         mounting pads
         power screwdrivers, use of
         power supply, connecting
         seating and securing the board
         standoffs, final check of
    motherboard, preparing
         CPU cooler, compatibility
         retaining brackets
    optical drive installation
         ATA interfaces
         audio cable
         cables, securing to the case
         jumper settings
         locate in the dark
         pin 1 2nd
         power cables
         power connector, seating of
         primary ATA channel
         RF shields
     power supply
    processor installation
         pin 1
         seating of
         ZIF lever
     Vista compatibility
burn-in utility software
BurnInTest from PassMark Software
buying guidelines for components
     800 number orders
     buying better quality and reliability
     buying with a credit card
     compare manufacturer model number
     components performance specifications
     credit card charge-back
     defective products
     equivalent substitute for ordered product
     Estimated Selling Price (ESP)
     local retailers
     on-line resellers
     order by phone
     packing list
     price, actual versus advertised price
     product ship date, checking
     restocking fees 2nd
     retail-boxed versus OEM forms
     return opened products, how to
     sales and use tax
     save order information
     shipping, cost of
     Suggested Retail Price (SRP)
     sweet spot
     vendor reviews
     verbal promises
     verify packing contents
     web-only vendors

Building the Perfect PC
Building the Perfect PC, Second Edition
ISBN: 0596526865
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 84

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