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     LED cables
     ribbon cable problems
     UltraATA cable
     VFD/Volume cable 2nd
cases 2nd 3rd 4th
     aluminum 2nd
     Antec BK640B 2nd
     Antec New Solution Series NSK3300 micro-tower
     Antec NSK1300 2nd
     Antec P150 2nd
     Antec Super LANBOY cases
     Apevia (Aspire) X-QPACK
     ATX form factors 2nd
     BTX (Balanced Technology eXtended)
     BTX SRM (Support and Retention Module)
     case fans
     Chenming 2nd
     cube cases
     Intel TAC (Thermally-Advantaged Chassis)
     JPAC 901
     leave cover off until tested
     Lian Li PC-V300
     microATX cases
     motherboards for small cases
     preparing the case
     proper size
     purpose of
     slimline cases 2nd
     supplemental cooling fans
     Support and Retention Module (SRM)
CD-ROM drives
Chassis Intrusion Connector
Chin, Mike
Client Access Licenses (CALs)
CMOS Setup 2nd 3rd 4th
CMS Bounceback Express
     benchmarks, buying based on
     buy locally 2nd
     choosing based on expandability
     integrated (or embedded)
     packing list, verify before building
CoolerMaster CB5-NPFSA-02-GP
Creative Labs
     Creative Labs Audigy X-Fi series
     Creative Labs Audigy2 ZS cards
     Creative Labs X-Fi cards
Crucial 512 MB DIMM
Crucial, memory manufacturers
Cyclone Blower

Building the Perfect PC
Building the Perfect PC, Second Edition
ISBN: 0596526865
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 84

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