ZENworks Cool Solutions

Many more uses of ZENworks exist than can ever be described in a book such as this. Many customers use ZENworks every day and get very creative in their use of the system.

Novell has set up a location on the Internet where customers can go to ask their questions of the actual ZENworks engineers and see what solutions other customers have come up with for ZENworks.

The website for ZENworks Cool Solutions is http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/zenworks.

This site changes often and features articles from real customers or insiders on how to make ZENworks hum in your network. The site also includes a list of frequently asked questions and their answers and articles from other deployment specialists in the trenches. You can often find a white paper at the Cool Solutions site that will have the information you need for your issues.

From time to time this site also posts software that is not supported by Novell but provided by some internal Novell engineers, Novell consultants, or customers. These tools can help you in your ZENworks deployment and management.

One time on the ZENworks Cool Solutions site, the webmaster had a group of ZENworks engineers present a live, ask-the-experts session. Customers were able to ask their questions and get real-time answers for their issues. You might even see some job postings for companies looking for ZEN masters to come and implement ZENworks in their environments.

Novell ZENworks 7 Linux Management Administrator's Handbook
Novell ZENworks 7 Linux Management Administrators Handbook
ISBN: 0672327848
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 147

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