Chapter 15 -- Configuration and Performance Monitoring

Chapter 15

In the previous chapter, we looked at the most important aspects of performancethose affected by design, prototyping, indexing, and query writing. You can also improve system performance by tuning your system configuration, but this is unlikely to yield as much gain as a design change. It's even more critical that your system not be misconfigured. You might see only a 5 percent improvement in performance by moving from a reasonable configuration to an ideal configuration, but a badly misconfigured system can kill your application's performance.

This chapter discusses configuration options for Microsoft Windows NT and Microsoft SQL Server. It includes guidelines for setting important values and suggests improvements (which are sometimes likely to be minor at best). You'll also learn how to use the two most essential monitoring tools: SQL Server Profiler and Performance Monitor

Inside Microsoft SQL Server 7.0
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 (Mps)
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