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AAC (Alternate Address Confirmation) process  
ab_ variable  
AbstractResponseType class  
Acceptable Use Policy, online content must comply with  
Access Database Design & Programming  
Account Access Limited box  
       adding new users to  
       appeals process for  
        chargebacks , protecting yourself from  
       debit cards, retrieving funds with  
       developer, creating  
       limited accounts
       paying from funds in PayPal  
       phishing, protecting against  
       retrieving money from  
       returning unclaimed funds to  
       Sandbox, creating  
       types of  
       verifying   2nd  
Ack property  
Add To Cart button  
       creating user controls  
       inserting, using WebAssist PayPal eCommerce Toolkit  
       obfuscating button code  
        putting in one form, with View Cart button  
Address Verification System/Service (AVS)  
addresses   [See email mailing addresses shipping addresses]
administrative accounts, adding  
Adobe GoLive, link to  
adult Internet sites, not allowed under PayPal  
AdWord Conversion Tracking system (Google)  
affiliate IDs, using instead of email addresses  
affiliate systems  
       building buttons for  
       notification of payments received  
       paying with Mass Payment  
       scheduling payments with Mass Pay API  
Aggregate Cart feature  
ai_ variable  
alerts about price checks, sending  
alt tags on web pages, increasing search engine exposure with  
Alternate Address Confirmation (AAC) process  
amount of payments, searching for transactions by  
amount of sale (amt) transaction parameter   2nd  
amt (amount of sale) transaction parameter   2nd  
Anything Points program (eBay)  
Apache web server, needed for Password Management feature  
Apache: The Definitive Guide  
API wrapper class, PayPal   [See wrapper class for PayPal API]
APIClient tool  
       issuing refunds with  
APIPassword property (API wrapper class)  
ApiSession object  
APIUrl property (API wrapper class)  
APIUserName property (API wrapper class)  
appeals process for limited accounts  
appropriate content on custom pages, guidelines for  
ASP.NET, creating custom web controls in  
ASP/VBScript combination  
       adding email to IPN  
       capturing customer information  
       processing shopping carts  
       sample IPN code  
ATM cards   [See debit cards]
attachments, sending digital goods as  
auction options for PayPal  
Auction Payment Button (Payment Wizard)  
auction_buyer_id variable  
auction_closing_date variable  
auction_multi_item variable  
AuctionInfoType object  
Auto Return and PDT, enabling  
Auto-Sweep feature  
Automatic Settlement Withdrawal feature  
AVS (Address Verification System/Service)  

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PayPal Hacks
PayPal Hacks
ISBN: 0596007515
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 169

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