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To my parents,
Mike and Nancy Smith

About the Author

Justin Smith

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Justin Smith works as a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft. Prior to joining Microsoft, Justin worked as an author, trainer, and consultant at Wintellect. As anyone who has taken one of his courses or worked with him as a consultant can tell you, Justin has a talent for taking complex ideas and distilling them into manageable language.

Justin became interested in software development toward the end of his engineering courses at Georgia Tech. Bridging the gap between engineering and software development, Justin’s first job out of Tech was as an implementation consultant with Parametric Technology Corporation ( Justin later took a job with Engineering Animation Incorporated, where he developed custom UNIX and Windows CAD/CAM/CAE applications with C/C++ and Java. During his time in the CAD world, Justin built and integrated several applications (eVis, VisView, Pro/Intralink, and Pro/Engineer) that facilitated the design, testing, and manufacture of military and commercial aerospace components.

After EAI, Justin co-founded Lighthouse Business Solutions, a document management development and consulting firm. During his tenure at Lighthouse, Justin designed, built and integrated document management systems for more than 30 large corporations and distinguished himself as one of the premier document management experts in the country.


Dozens of people helped me write this book. Their dedication of time and energy has helped ensure that this book is well organized and factually correct. They deserve credit for everything that is correct, and none of the blame for any of the mistakes. Blame rests with me.

Although many have helped with this book, Jeffrey Richter has gone above and beyond. His input has helped me become a better developer, presenter, and author. His reputation in the Microsoft Windows development community is well deserved. I will never be able to repay him for his investment in me.

My Review Crew diligently reviewed my chapters and were very open with feedback. This book is much better as a direct result of their input: Arun Chandrasekhar, Doug Holland, George Ivanov, Guy Burstein, Jalil Vaidya, Jason Davis, David Jensen, Krishnan R., Marcelo Lopez, Martin Kulov, Mitch Harpur, Paul Ballard, Rick Casey, and Rob Hindman.

My long-suffering editors also deserve special mention: Kathleen Atkins, Scott Seely, Jennifer Harris, and Ben Ryan. Your patience has been epic.

One of the benefits of working for Wintellect is the high caliber of the staff. Though they may not have helped with the book directly, many Wintellectuals have helped me both professionally and personally: Jeff Prosise, John Robbins, Paula Daniels, Cara Allison, Brendon Schwartz, Sara Faatz, Jim Bail, Sam Easterby, Lewis Frazer, and Todd Fine.

Inside Windows Communication Foundation
Inside Windows Communication Foundation (Pro Developer)
ISBN: 0735623066
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2007
Pages: 106
Authors: Justin Smith

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