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"A Tutorial on Character Code Issues" (Korpela, Jukka)
ab (Apache HTTP server benchmarking tool)
abstract base classes
abstract keyword
accept( )
Accept-Encoding header
Accept-Language header
access control, implementing
access values, reading configuration variables
acos( )
add( )
addcslashes( )
addEntry( )
addFunction( )
addHeader( ) 2nd
addItem( ) 2nd
addPostData( )
addSoapHeader( )
Advanced PHP Debugger (APD)
aggregated classes
aggregating objects
Albitz, Paul
algorithm constants (mcrypt)
Allman, Eric
Alternative PHP Cache (APC)
always_populate_raw_post_data configuration directive
American Standard Code for Information (ASCII)
ampersand (&)
     interpreting GET query strings
"An Overview on Globalizing Oracle PHP Applications" (Linsley, Peter)
anchoring patterns
AND (logical)
anonymous FTP
Apache 2nd
Apache HTTP server benchmarking tool (ab)
apache_note( )
APC (Alternative PHP Cache)
APD (Advanced PHP Debugger)
apd_set_pprof_trace( )
appendChild( )
application MIME type
Applied Cryptography (Schneier, Bruce)
arbitrary headers
arbitrary methods
arcs, drawing
     SOAP methods, accepting in
array( ) 2nd
     temporary variables and
array_diff( )
array_filter( )
array_flip( )
array_intersect( )
array_intersection( )
array_key_exists( ) 2nd 3rd 4th
array_keys( )
array_map( ) 2nd
array_merge( ) 2nd
array_multisort( )
array_pad( )
array_pop( ) 2nd
array_push( ) 2nd
array_reverse( ) 2nd
array_search( ) 2nd
array_shift( )
array_splice( ) 2nd
array_unique( ) 2nd
array_values( )
array_walk( ) 2nd
array_walk_recursive( )
ArrayAccess interface
     __call( ), using
     addFunction( ) method, bindind functions
    associative [See associative arrays]
     calculating differences of date parts
     comma-separated data and
     command-line arguments, parsing
     commas, printing with
     configuration files, parsing
     controlling object serialization
     deleting elements from
     dumping variable contents
     duplicate elements, removing
     elements, checking if inside
     environment variables and
     error_reporting( ) and
     exchanging values without temporary variables
     fixed-width field data records and
     functions, applying to each element in
     getdate( ), finding current data/time with
     iterating through
     Julian days and Gregorian calendars, converting between
     largest/smallest elements, finding
     localtime( ) return values and
     magic accessor methods and
     matching words with preg_match_all( )
         checking if is an instance of a class
     paragraphs, counting
     printing correct plurals
     randomizing order
         lines in files
     ranges of integers, initializing
     reading a file into
     size, changing
    SOAP methods
         passing to
         computable fields
         using methods
     storing multiple elements in
     testing elements
     turning into a string
     unions/intersections/differences, finding
     values, finding the position of
     zero, not beginning with
arrow (->)
     accessing methods or variables
     static properties and methods, defining
ASCII (American Standard Code for Information)
ASCII 10 (newline)
ASCII 13 (carriage return)
asin( )
asort( ) 2nd
associative arrays 2nd 3rd
     configuration variables, reading with ini_get_all( )
     getdate( ), finding current data/time with
     SOAP, using
asterisk (*)
at sign (@) in email addresses
atan( )
atan2( )
Atom feeds
atom1 class
attributes (XML)
audio MIME type
Auth class (PEAR)
Auth::auth( )
Auth::getAuth( )
Auth::start( )
     SOAP 2nd
auto_prepend_file configuration setting
automation (web)

PHP Cookbook, 2nd Edition
PHP Cookbook: Solutions and Examples for PHP Programmers
ISBN: 0596101015
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 445

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