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[See also $ENV array]
!== (nonidentity) operator
" (double quotes)
     escaping in database queries
$ (dollar sign)
$_COOKIE array 2nd
     global variable injection
$_ENV array
$_FILES array 2nd
$_GET array
     global variable injection, preventing
     required fields and
     REST methods, serving
     REST requests and
$_POST array
     global variable injection, preventing
     required fields and
     verifying data with hashes
$_REQUEST array
$_SERVER array 2nd 3rd 4th
     detecting SSL
     REST methods, serving
     SOAP authentication
$_SESSION array
$GLOBALS array 2nd
$HTTP_POST_FILES arrays 2nd
% (percent sign)
     format operators and
     remainder operator, as a
% (SQL wildcard)
%i specifier
%n specifier
& (ampersand)
     interpreting GET query stings
' (single quotes)
     escaping in database queries
( ) (parentheses)
* (asterisk)
+ (plus sign)
     GET query strings
     merging arrays
-> (arrow)
     accessing methods or variables
     static properties and methods, defining
. (dot)
     concatenation operator 2nd
     regular expression metacharacter
/ (forward slash)
     Perl m/ / pattern matching 2nd
/i flag 2nd
:: (double colon)
     accessing methods or variables
; (semicolon), using heredoc formats
<<< (heredoc format) [See also heredoc format]
<img> source tag [See img source tag]
<option/> element
<select/> element
<textarea> form field
= (equals) 2nd
     cloning objects
     object references, assigning
=& operator 2nd
     object references, assigning
== (equality) operator 2nd
=== (identity) operator 2nd
? (question mark) 2nd
     U pattern-modifier and
?: operator
@ (at sign) in email addresses
[ ] (square brackets)
     character classes, matching with
     configuration files, parsing
     form elements with multiple options and
     HTML checkbox values and
\ (backslash)
     directories in pathnames
\b word-boundary metacharacter
\n (newline)
     wrapping lines and
\n (newline) escape sequence
\r (carriage return)
\s whitespace metacharacter
\t (tab)
\w (word character)
^ (caret)
_ (SQL wildcard)
_ (underscore)
__autoload( )
__call( ) 2nd 3rd
     binding functions and
__CLASS__ constant
__clone method
__construct( ) 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
__destruct( )
__FILE__ constant 2nd
     using shmop_open( )
__FUNCTION__ constant
__get( )
__isset( )
__LINE__ constant
__METHOD__ constant
__set( )
__setSoapHeaders( )
__sleep( )
__soapCall( ) 2nd 3rd 4th
     redefinging endpoints
__toString( ) 2nd
__unset( )
__wakeUp( ) 2nd
_getch( )
` (backtick)
{ } (curly braces)
     dynamic variable names and
     interpolating strings and
| (vertical bar)

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