Selecting with the Arrow Tool

Whether you're selecting notes in the Matrix Editor, MIDI Regions in the Arrange window, or Regions in the Environment, Logic's selection techniques always function the same way. You can select any Region by simply grabbing the Arrow tool and clicking the Region, but there are also a few other selection techniques you should be aware of. A good understanding of these techniques greatly speeds song editing, so work carefully through the following steps, and make sure you try each one.


From the toolbox, select the Arrow tool and click the House Searing Organ Region.

The Region is selected.


In the Arrange window's Track List, click the Audio 1 track's name.

Clicking the track name selects all Regions in that track.


With the Cycle mode enabled, clicking the track name selects only events falling within the cycle Region.


Click the Arrange window's background to deselect all Regions in the Arrange area.

Shift-clicking lets you select noncontiguous Regions (Regions that are not beside each other).


Hold down the Shift key and click several Regions.

The Regions are added to a selection range. You can continue to add Regions to the selection by Shift-clicking more Regions.

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