Rubber-Band Selecting

Rubber-band selecting refers to the process of dragging a selection range around one or more Regions at the same time.


Click the pointer in an empty part of the Arrange area under the House Warm Chord Synth Region and drag up and over the other three Audio Regions.

A rectangular outline is traced behind the pointer, and all Regions touched or enclosed by the rubber-band outline are selected.


Hold down the Shift key and drag a rubber band over all the Arrange area's Regions.

This reverses the selection! Holding down Shift while rubber-banding Regions causes previously selected Regions to be deselected, while unselected Regions are added to the selection range.


From the Arrange window's local menus, choose Edit > Toggle Selection (Shift-T).

The selection range inverts, or toggles, so that all unselected Regions are selected, and selected ones are deselected. The Toggle Selection command comes in handy if you have to select all but a few Regions in the Arrange area, because it's often easier to first select the few Regions and then toggle the selection.


You might have noticed that the Edit menu contains several selection options. There are too many here to go over individually, but they all have specific functions that are immediately identifiable by their names. Pay particular attention to Select Inside Locators (Shift-I), which is a good way to select all the Regions that make up a particular verse or chorus, and Select Muted Regions (Shift-M), which offers a great way to select all muted Regions for deletion.


Click the Arrange area's background to deselect all Regions.

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