Zooming and Magnifying

Songs in Logic can be made up of elaborate combinations of audio recordings and MIDI Regions. When you display a song in Logic's Arrange window, you have to balance the need to see all the tracks at once with the need to see the details in individual Regions. Logic provides controls that let you zoom in to see more detail in your song, or zoom out to see more of your song at once. The first situation is called zooming in, and the second is zooming out.

You activate Logic's zoom functions using the vertical zoom control in the top right corner of Logic's editing windows, and the horizontal zoom control in the bottom left corner. You can also use Logic's Magnifying Glass tool (Zoom tool) to zoom in and out on individual Regions.

Let's experiment with Logic's zoom controls and the Magnifying Glass tool.


In the Arrange window's top right corner, drag the vertical zoom control down.

As you drag down, you vertically zoom in on Logic's tracks. The tracks become taller and you can now see the audio waveforms and MIDI notes in the tracks' Regions.


The following key commands have the same functions as Logic's zoom controls: CtrlLeft Arrow zooms out horizontally, CtrlRight Arrow zooms in horizontally, CtrlUp Arrow zooms out vertically, and CtrlDown Arrow zooms in vertically.

Next you'll use Logic's Magnifying Glass tool to zoom in on a certain area of a window. Logic will then expand the selected area to fill the window.


Select the Magnifying Glass tool and drag a rectangle around the House Searing Organ Region.


If you press the Control key, the pointer turns into the Magnifying Glass tool.

The House Searing Organ Region fills the Arrange area.


To revert to the premagnified state, click with the Magnifying Glass tool anywhere on the Arrange area.

The Arrange window reverts to its premagnified state.


The Magnifying Glass tool remembers multiple magnification states. If you magnify a section of the Arrange area, and then zoom in on that section, you can click the Arrange area twice to restore the Arrange area to its premagnified state.

Using Auto Track Zoom

Auto Track Zoom is a method for zooming in or out on the track selected in the Arrange window. When your arrangements grow to include dozens of tracks, Auto Track Zoom really comes in handy because it lets you focus in on the track you're editing while still allowing you to see all the tracks in your arrangement at one time.


From the toolbox, select the Arrow tool.


Position the Arrow pointer over the bottom left corner of the House Searing Organ track.

The pointer turns into a pointing hand.


Drag down.

The track zooms vertically, while all other tracks remain unchanged.


Make sure the House Searing Organ track is selected in the Track List.


From the Arrange window's local menu bar, choose View > Auto Track Zoom.


In the Arrange window's Track List, select a different track.

The newly selected track automatically zooms to an increased height.

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