Importing MIDI into the Arrange Window

Importing MIDI files into Logic is just as easy as importing audio filesyou simply drag them from the Finder and drop them onto any Arrange window MIDI or Audio Instrument track.

Earlier in this chapter you applied the House Bass channel strip to the first Audio Instrument track in the arrangement. The track is ready to make sound; all it needs is a MIDI Region to trigger it. Let's drag a MIDI file into the Arrange window now.


Open a Finder Window over your arrangement and navigate to the APTS_Logic_7 > Song Files > Lesson 3 Project Files > MIDI Files folder.

Inside this folder you will find a file called Bass Line.mid.


From the Finder, drag the Bass Line.mid file over the first Audio Instrument track, and drop it at bar 1.

The MIDI file is added to Audio Instrument track.

Depending on how your version of Logic is configured, you might see a dialog that says, "New SMPTE Frame rate recognized! Use it?" SMPTE denotes a measurement of time in video, but you are not using video in this project, so if you get this dialog, click Cancelto dismiss it.

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