Opening a Song File

There are several ways to open a Logic song file. For example, you can drag a song file and drop it onto the Logic application icon (in either the Finder or the Dock), or double-click a song file in any Finder window.

With Logic running, a common way to open a song file is to use the File > Open command located in Logic's main menu bar. To follow along with this lesson, use these steps to open the 01Begin.lso song file:


Choose File > Open.

Logic's default song should still be open in the background, so a dialog appears asking if you'd like to close the currently open song before opening the new one.

Logic lets you work on several songs at one time, which often comes in handy. For example, you can cut and paste MIDI or Audio Regions between songs, or compare the DSP settings of a finished song against those of a song you're working on. But for now, let's concentrate on one song at a time.


Click the Alert dialog's Close button.

The default song closes, and an Open dialog appears.


Navigate to APTS_Logic_7 > Song Files > Lesson 1 Project Files, and select the file named 01Begin.lso, and click Open.

The 01Begin.lso song opens.


The File > Open Recent option offers a convenient way of opening songs you've recently been working on. If you select this option, a submenu of recently opened songs appears. You may now instantly open a song by clicking its name in this submenu, which saves you from having to locate the file on your hard disk(s).

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