Hand tool

A tool that appears when you click and hold an Object with the Arrow tool. It is used to move Objects or events in the editors.


Refers to how may decibels are available before clipping, or distortion, occurs.

help tag

A small text window that appears when the mouse cursor is placed over an interface element, indicating its name or value.


A function that lets you create and edit automation data in the Arrange window by graphically inserting a set of points or nodes, which are automatically connected. Using HyperDraw, you can also make volume and panning changes in the Matrix and Score Editors.

Hyper Editor

One of Logic's four editors for MIDI data. It is used mainly for creating and editing drum sequences and control-change data.

hyper set

A layer in the Hyper Editor containing a user-defined collection of MIDI events.

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    Apple Pro Training Series: Logic Pro 7 and Logic Express 7
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