input filtering

Preventing MIDI information such as pitch bend or aftertouch events from reaching a track. The Input Filter tab is in the Song Settings window's MIDI pane.

input monitoring

A way to determine which signal to listen to on record-enabled tracks. You can use Auto Input Monitoring to hear a track even when Logic is not recording.

Input Object

Audio Object in the Environment's Audio Layer. It represents the physical inputs of your audio interface and helps manage audio from your audio interface into Logic.


A way to enhance the sound passing through an Audio Object with a plug-in.


An Object in Logic's Environment that represents a physical or virtual device that reacts to MIDI information.

I/O buffer size

How big a bite a computer tries to chew at one time when working with audio. The larger the buffer, the more recorded channels of audio can be played at the same time. Larger buffers make your system react more slowly when recording, however. The buffer size is set in the Audio Hardware & Drivers preferences.

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