Update Service

Update Service

The Update interface allows the client to report information back to the underlying service provider. This may most commonly be the current location or track of the mobile terminal, but in principle it could encompass a wide range of information. Four types of updates are Delete – an indication that those elements corresponding to a Query Plan should be deleted, Insert – a set of new elements that should not duplicate existing information, Modify (geometry or attributes) – a set of changes to apply to each element retrieved by a Query Plan, and Assert – an expression of a belief in the truth of some expression describing the world (as when guided to a non-existed hotel). These are indicated within the request and response schemas. There is a possibility of private or public updates. The governing principle is trust.

The Update service has a single function:

Function Description Parameter Schema Location
Update The request schema defines a structure for describing the nature of the update (delete, insert new, modify, assert) as well as the content. http://www.MAGICServicesForum.org/Registry/Schemas/Update_Request_t/Base.xsd/
  The response schema defines an acknowledgement of the update and may contain a request for a further update of a specific nature. http://www.MAGICServicesForum.org/Registry/Schemas/Update_Response_t/Base.xsd/

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