Rendering Service

Rendering Service

The rendering interface allows the client to Plan – validate a Rendering Request and receive a token (Rendering Plan) for use in other methods. Render – obtain a graphic rendering corresponding to a Rendering Plan, and Interact – obtain interpretations of gestures made at the user interface (such as pointing at a specific pixel in a rendered bitmap).

The Rendering service has three functions:

Function Description Parameter Schema Location
Plan The request schema defines the requirements of rendering. This includes what is to be rendered, how it should be rendered, and in what form the results should be delivered.
  The response schema includes an identifier (Rendering Plan) that the server can later recognize in Render or Interact requests.
Render The request schema provides a structure including a Rendering Plan and any other parameters necessary to make a specific rendering according to the requirements of the Rendering Plan.
  The response schema defines the form or the returned requested information.
Interact The request schema defines structure for point, line drawing, area drawing and other user interface interactions with a rendering. The structure includes the Rendering Plan and implicitly refers to the most recent rendering made according to that plan.
  The response schema defines the form of the returned requested information.

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