The Registry

The Registry

Service providers deliver MAGIC Services via MSP 2.0 interactions with their servers. Each service provider may register offered servers and their supported Service Modes via a registration and service discovery facility. The offered services may be defined by a corresponding WSDL document available via the registration and service discovery mechanism. The guiding principle is that all structural information (message syntax) is defined in XML (WSDL or XML Schema Language). This information is accessible online to clients and other agents seeking information about MAGIC Services.

Compression/Decompression (CODEC) schemes as well as the capabilities of protocol conversion bridges (SMTP->HTTP, for example) are also registered. This allows a client to establish communications via an efficient compressed channel if the chosen server agrees to operate in that mode. MAGIC Services do not prescribe any specific CODEC or bridge details, but they do require that CODECs and bridges offered for use be registered in a consistent way so that connection and Service Mode negotiations can be completely automated.

The Registry can be found at and at other locations published from time to time by MAGIC Services Forum. Beneath the Registry root, the directory structure is as shown in the accompanying diagram. Each leaf folder contains at least one XML Schema language file named Base.xsd with the base schema for the parameter of the same name as the folder. The leaf folder may contain additional registered XML schemas with names ending in .xsd. Documentation for each non-base schema is contained in a file with the same name as the corresponding schema file but with the extension .xml. For example, a schema defined by the file MySchema.xsd would be documented in a file MySchema.html. In addition, a sample XML document conforming to the schema may exist under the corresponding name with extension .xml. In the example above, this would be MySchema.xml.

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