Content Connector for Commerce Server 2000

Content Connector for Commerce Server 2000

Content Connector for Commerce Server 2000 is an optional set of features within Content Management Server 2001. It provides mechanisms for creating Content Management Server Web sites that incorporate Commerce Server functionality in the following areas:

  • Product catalog. Content Connector introduces the concepts of simple product pages and rich product pages.
  • Targeting. Content Connector introduces the concept of personalized content objects (PCOs), which provide a mechanism through which content managed by Content Management Server can be targeted to particular users, positions on a page, and so on, using the extensible content selection pipeline mechanisms provided by Commerce Server.

The product catalog and targeting functionality provided by Content Connector both depend on a new type of profile defined within the Commerce Server Profiling System, known as a page profile. When Content Connector is installed, a new profile called "MSCMS Page Profile" is added and visible in the Profile Designer module (Users category) in Commerce Server Business Desk. Like other profiles in Commerce Server, such as user and organization profiles, content profiles can be extended with new properties as required.

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