Simple and Rich Product Pages

Simple and Rich Product Pages

A simple product page is essentially like the page product.asp in the Commerce Server 2000 Solution Sites. It is a single page (posting) that displays information about the product that is specified by the query string parameters catalog name, category name, and product key.

Rich product pages are Content Management Server pages that are created for individual products, and which are based on a page template with placeholders to be filled as appropriate, such as product reviews or specifications. Rich product pages go through the normal Content Management Server page approval and publication process.

When a Web site that uses Content Connector is installed, such as the Method Systems sample site that comes with Content Connector, a new site resource is added. This site resource is called Content Connector, and it is accessible through Commerce Server Manager. The following table shows the four properties that can be set for the Content Connector site resource, all of which are related to simple and rich product pages.

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