Personalized Content Objects

Personalized Content Objects

Content Connector contains personalized content objects (PCO), which are the mechanisms for controlling what content is going to appear, where it is going to appear, and to which users it is going to appear. PCOs can be used to link articles and other information to the products for which they are relevant, and to link product pages to additional content about those products.

PCOs are an extension of the Commerce Server Content Selection Framework, and are processed using a Commerce Server pipeline. PCOs are created and managed by business managers and allow content to be selected to appear in a posting based on a number of different factors, such as the current user, the context of the posting within the Web site, and the position on the page in which the content will appear.

The details of PCOs are too complex to be described here, but the following two separate Content Connector documents provide good descriptions of how to use PCOs to target content in a Content Connector Web site:

  • MSCMS Content Connector Tutorial.pdf. This document provides a tutorial on the unique features of Content Connector, including page profiling, page personalization, and product pages.
  • MSCMS Business Desk Users Guide.pdf. This document provides information about using the Business Desk modules that are installed when a Content Management Server Web site is unpacked. There are seven such modules, in two new categories, all of which are described in more detail in the following section.

Business Desk Extensions

Content Connector adds two new categories to Commerce Server Business Desk: Content and Targeting. The Content category contains two modules that are used to create and manage Web site content. These modules are shown in the following table.

Module Description
Page Profiles The Page Profiles module is used to manage page profiles, which are used for simple and rich product pages and for content targeting using PCOs. Note that the Web Author application is accessed from this module to create, edit, and approve pages.
Product Pages The Product Pages module is used to view product catalogs, determine whether a particular product uses a rich or simple product page, and create rich product pages.

The Targeting category contains five modules that are used to create and manage PCOs. These modules are shown in the following table.

Module Description
Personalized Content Objects The Personalized Content Objects module is used to create and manage PCOs.
Content Groups The Content Groups module is used to create combinations of content expressions, allowing more complex possibilities for content delivery.
Content Expressions The Content Expressions module is used to create expressions to determine whether particular content meets a specific criterion.
Page Positions The Page Positions module is used to associate particular content with specific locations on a page, allowing an additional basis for filtering of personalized content.
Publish PCOs The Publish PCOs module is used to put changes made to PCOs in other modules into effect, and is also used to refresh or delete a PCO cache.

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