Exercises, Questions, and Projects

  1. Define and describe the following terms: browser, tag, attribute, and source code.

  2. What do each of the following tags do (indicate also whether the tag is used as the start of a pair and if the tag needs attributes): html, head, title, body, h1, b, i, img, a, table, tr, td?

  3. How do you do the following tasks?

    1. Make text bold.

    2. Make text italic.

    3. Cause a line break.

    4. Indicate a paragraph.

    5. Insert an image of a file named frog.gif.

    6. Insert an image and specify its dimensions to be 60 pixels by 80 pixels.

    7. Insert a table of three rows and two columns.

    8. Create a hyperlink to go to one of your favorite Web sites.

    9. Create a hyperlink to go another HTML file you will create in the same folder.

    10. Create a hyperlink in which an image is the link.

  4. Go on the Web and use a search engine to find online sources for HTML tags. Look up how to do these particular tasks: ordered list, font size, and frames.

  5. Go on the Web and use the View Source command in the browser to examine the HTML source for sites. Try to find simple (non-database or XML driven sites).

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