Chapter sixteen. Printing Right the First Time

YOU CAN PRINT FROM PHOTOSHOP the way you print from any other programjust choose File > Print and send it on through. However, if you print that way, you may not be getting the best print quality that Photoshop can achieve. By changing your print workflow just slightly, you gain much more control over how Photoshop prints color and positions the document on the paper.

You can use Photoshop to anticipate how a document will print. Some of the most common printing mistakes are having a document print at the wrong size or position on the page, and having printed colors appear incorrect. Photoshop contains features that can address both of these challenges. Since I started using the techniques in this chapter, I've been pleased at how much better I can predict how an image will end up on paper, and how much less paper and ink I consume through trial and error.

Working Smart in Adobe Photoshop CS2
Working Smart in Adobe Photoshop CS2
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