Appendix B. Introduction to Zope and the ZMI



  • Fun with Application Servers

  • The Zope Framework

  • Zope and Objects

  • The Zope Management Interface (ZMI)

  • Where to Find More Information

In Chapter 1, "Introduction to Plone and Content Management," you learned that the underlying architecture of Plone is the Zope Application Server. Throughout the rest of the chapters, you saw examples of using the Zope Management Interface (ZMI) to install Plone add-ons, manage security, and perform other administrative tasks . Although Zope itself has been the topic of many books and is a very broad subject to write about, it only seems fair that this appendix cover some of the basics of Zope, its management and optimization, and how to use the ZMI to further enhance your Plone installation.

This appendix sets out to do just that, but in no way should you consider this to be comprehensive or the only resource you should read about these topics. Instead, think of it as an advertisement, or something to whet your appetite for all the comprehensive books, articles, and websites devoted to Zope.

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