A key goal of .NET My Services is to let end users access and share their own data from diverse software running on many different devices. More generally, though, .NET My Services's goal is to allow developers to create more powerful and more useful Web-based software. It's a new kind of platform for building a new kind of application. Because of this, it's likely to take some time for developers to understand what those applications should look like and how they should behave. Nevertheless, .NET My Services is an interesting and innovative idea, one with the potential to change our world significantly.

.NET My Services allows creating a new kind of application

More than this, though, .NET My Services is a first-rate illustration of a fundamental principle in the field we work in: New technologies can create whole new kinds of applications. Not all of those applications succeed, but this in no way lessens the value of innovation. Microsoft's .NET initiative contains many new technologies, along with some reworkings of existing ideas, and it will spawn a host of new applications. Many will succeed, while others will surely fail. Yet whatever the fate of individual innovations, the core idea moving forward into the unknown space of new technology will remain the foundation of software development.

New ideas are the lifeblood of software


Understanding. NET. A Tutorial and Analysis
Understanding .NET: A Tutorial and Analysis (Independent Technology Guides)
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Year: 2002
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